Advantages Of Leather Furniture: Pros Of Faux Leather Furniture, Leather Chairs

Advantages Of Faux Leather Furniture When Compared With Real Leather Furniture:

Faux Leather furniture has the following Advantages when you compare it with real leather furniture:
  • Faux leather furniture is much cheaper than Real Leather Furniture.
  • Faux leather furniture is very much durable when properly cared and also it is not prone to peel or cracks as compared to real leather furniture.
  • It is very easy to clean Faux leather furniture all you need is warm water & a rag while as real leather can retain moisture.
  • Faux leather is easy to cut and sew when compared with real leather and the needle marks are less noticeable on it.

Advantages Of Real Leather Chairs

Following are the Advantages of Real Leather Chairs:
  • Leather chairs are premium in quality when compared with fabric chairs and by the process of modern tanning, it will be resistant to peeling & cracking.
  • Its comfort level is also very high because fabric chairs lose their shape & look with time but leather chairs soften with age and get softer and more supple.
  • It is four times much more durable than fabric chairs.

Disadvantages Of Leather Furniture

Some of the disadvantages of leather furniture are mentioned below:
  • Leather Furniture is costlier than the fabric furniture.
  • Leather Furniture is sensitive to weather which means it will be colder in winter & warmer in summer.
  • Leather furniture is limited to colour options when you compare it with fabric furniture which has vast colour options for selection.
  • Also during summer season, it can get seaty which means your clothes can get wet sitting on it.
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