Furniture Repairs: Nearby Stores In Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth

Who Offers Furniture Repairs Service In Melbourne And Near Me Stores?

There are several places from where the customer can get repairs & restoration service in Melbourne. Some of the furniture repair service providers in Melbourne are mentioned below:
Ladson Restorations:
Ladson Restorations provide Antique restoration service in Hawthorn Australia offering their service for over 25 years. The services they offer are French Polishing, Veneer repairing, and mending of a broken leg.
Address: 7 Kent Ln, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 3 9815 1200.

Melbourne Furniture Repairs:
They are located in Ringwood Australia offering Antique restoration service for over 30 years. In order to request a quote for their service, the customer can submit their Quote Request Form.
Address: 42 New St, Ringwood VIC 3134, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 3 9879 1717.

There are some other repair service providers in Melbourne and in order to get their information along with contact details, the customer can visit the Melbourne Furniture Repairs page.

Where To Get Furniture Repairs Service In Brisbane?

Some of the furniture repair service providers in Brisbane are mentioned below:
Giddens Furniture Restoration:
This is a full repair & restoration store providing their service for well over 40 years. They are specialized in restoring & repairing of timber furniture products along with piano's. They also offer pick up & delivery service to all the customers.
Address: 26 Ellen St, Moorooka QLD 4105, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 7 3892 4655.

Claudio Villella also offers Antique furniture restoration service in Brisbane. They are also expert in servicing the Upholstery, Canes Furniture, Door & window, and church restoration & maintenance.
Address: 4/56 Millway Street, Kedron QLD 4031.
Phone Number: 0450 588 913 / 07 3862 3726.

There are other places as well in Brisbane from where the customer can get Furniture repairs service and all the locations can be viewed including their contact details on the Brisbane Furniture Repairs page.

Where To Get Furniture Repair & Restoration Service In Adelaide SA(South Australia)?

Adelaide Furniture Doctor provides repair & restoration service in Adelaide SA. They also provide custom design & manufacturing service as well and are in business for over 20 years. Once the customer acquires their service, they will make his old furniture look like brand new.
Address: 3a/12 Scarborough Way, Lonsdale SA 5160, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 8 8387 3322.

Apart from the above-mentioned service provider, there are some other furniture repair service providers in Adelaide whose information is available on the Adelaide Furniture Repairs page.

Who Provides Furniture Repairs Service In Perth?

Antique Restoration Center is a furniture repair shop in Wembley Australia offering services like Veneer repairs, Cabinet reconstruction & damaged section repairing, Recanning & Upholstery frame repairs. They also offer French polishing, Oiled & Wax Finishing, Gilt & Paint Finishing, and both Modern & Antique Lacquer finishes. Apart from that, they provide re-sizing service on iron & brass beds.
Address: U3/149 Herdsman Parade, Wembley WA 6014, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 8 9383 9445.

In order to view the information about other furniture repair service providers in Perth, the customer can simply visit the Perth Furniture Repairs page.

Furniture Repair Service Providers In Bristol & Christchurch

In Bristol
In Bristol, there are many furniture repair shops who are experts in providing repair service of all types of furniture products. The customer can locate all the repair shops in Bristol along with their contact details on the Bristol Furniture Repairs page.

In Christchurch
There are various shops in Christchurch who offer furniture repairs service. All the shops have specialization in repairing different types of furniture products as some are specialized in repairing leather furniture products, some in Antique restoration, and some in upholstery repair. In order to check in all the Furniture Repair service providers in Christchurch, the customer can visit the Christchurch Furniture Repairs page.

Who Provides Sofa Cane, Moron & Leather Furniture Repair Service In Adelaide?

Sofa Repairs:
The Chair Doctor in Adelaide is the place where the customer can get his Sofas Repaired. They provide upholstery service on chairs, gym & hospital furniture products along with Recliners. They are specialized in providing their service to businesses & homes. In their repair service, they will pick up the furniture from the location and deliver it back once it has been repaired.
Address: 11A Myer Ct, Beverley SA 5009, Australia.
Phone Number +61 8 8445 2848.

Cane Furniture Repairs:
Wicker Works is an Antique Furniture Restoration store where the customer can repair & restore his Cane furniture in Adelaide. He can also get Chair Caning Instructions, Cane Material Supplies, and New Furniture & baskets from them.
Address: 3a/12 Scarborough Way, Lonsdale SA 5160, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 411 664 653.

Moron Furniture Repairs:
James Classic Upholstery is the place where the customer will get repair service on all types of furniture products. Their repair service is chosen by Chiswell, Parker, Tessa, Pegar, and Moran which means they can provide repair service on Moron Furniture products as well.
Address: 151-155 Woodlands Drive, Braeside, VIC 3195.
Phone Number: 1300 786 222 / (+61 3 9590 4800).

Leather Furniture Repair:
The Leather Doctor in Adelaide provides all types of furniture repair service which includes leather cleaning service, Leather & vinyl repairs and refurbishment, and other types of leather repair services.
Address: St Agnes SA, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 406 384 410.
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