Furniture Accrington Blackburn Road: Overview, Contact Details

General Overview And Contact Details Of The Store

Furnimax is the quality branded store in Accrington Blackburn Road which is a well-maintained store where high-quality products are made in for the customer's needs. They are known for the Designs that attract customers to buy their products again and again. Furnimax gives you the best Discounts most of the time, the Products Furnimax made are Sofas, Chairs, Rugs, Beds, etc. All the products are made with high-quality stuff and unbreakable wood. Furnimax has a great reputation for the products they sell at very cheap prices, and also the Services and delivery are very good for the betterment of the Customer. To know more You can also visit their Website

Furniture Accrington Blackburn Road Contact Details
Address:144 Blackburn Rd, Accrington BB50AE, UK
Phone Number:+44 7580 426735
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