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Broda Wheel Chair

Broda is the leading name in the high-end wheelchairs that are designed by the MITY Inc. The Broda wheelchairs are designed to provide the highest level of comfort and safety to the patients requiring utmost care. The innovative wheelchairs are designed to provide relief from the pain and increase mobility with independence. Different categories of the Wheelchairs offered by the company includes
  • Positioning.
  • Mobility.
  • Therapy.
  • Glider.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Senior Care.
  • Transportation.
  • Bariatics.
  • Hospital And Acute Care.
  • GSA.

Positioning: The wheelchair offers superior comfort to the user and is featured with the Tilt-In-Space feature.
Mobility: Designed to enhance user mobility power without any dependence.
Therapy: Innovative chair with versatility and endurance. Easy to use for rehab care patients.
Glider: Wheelchairs featured wit Auto locking and active seating.
Pediatrics: Specifically designed for kids with calming and active seating feature.
Transportation: Innovative chair for transportation engineered with safety and comfort features.
Senior Care: Particular type of wheelchair built keeping needs of the seniors in mind. The chair is having Value-Conscious Seating.
Bariatics: Can be adjusted as per the requirement of the individual seating.
Hospital And Acute Care: These chairs comes with the infection control system and provides ultra-comfort.
GSA: The chairs are tilt recliner type for extra comfort.

Rental And Parts

Reliable Medical Supply

Is the store that provides the medical equipment on the rent basis including Broda Wheelchairs on temporary as well as on long term basis.
Store Address: Reliable Medical Supply, Inc, 1146 W Cambridge Circle Dr, Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone Number: (+913) 722-2960
Toll Free Number: (+866) 722-2960
Email Support:


There are various online stores that provide the replacement parts for Broda Chairs and one of them is: Is the online store to get the high-quality replacement parts for the various types of Broda Wheelchairs like Midline Full Tilt Recliner.
Address: Rehabmart, LLC, 3651 Mars Hill Rd, Bldg 2400, Watkinsville, GA 30677-6042, USA
Customer Service Number: +1-800-827-8283
Direct Line: +1-706-213-1144
Email Address:

Pedal And Shower Chairs

Baroda seating offers the range of both padded and Shower wheelchairs some of them are.
Pedal: This category includes the hi-tech pedal chairs like Sashay and Encore. Sashay padel chair is haves an Ergonomic design. The chair supports the user to enhance the feet and hand mobility power. Encore Pedal chair is engineered with tilt in space and comfort tension seating. The chair also helps in improving the feet mobility.
Shower: The company offers a number of options in Shower wheelchairs like Revive Bariatric Tilt & Recline Shower Commode and Revive tilt And Recliner Shower Commode. Both shower chairs are constructed with enduring and high-quality stainless steel frame and other materials that work best in the Bathroom. The chairs provide great comfort with high safety to the user.

Cushions And Sale

The Broda seat cushions and pads are made in a way to provide patient extra comfort and protect them from skin tear issues. The cushions are ultimate for the patients sitting on the chars for long. The ultra-absorbent feature of the cushions or pads is ideal for individuals with incontinence.
Sale: There are many online stores that offer Baroda chairs at less than the actual price one example is

Phone Numbers Of Broda Chair

General Number: +1 (844) 552-7632
Ontario, Canada, Inc: +1 519-746-8080
Chesterfield Mo, st louis: +1 844-552-7632
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