Adra OP Shop: Parafield, Victor Harbour, Ballina, Cessnock & Canberra

Brief Overview

Adra OP Shop is a charitable agency in Australia. Adra helps those people who get affected by any kind of disaster like floods, earthquake, tsunami, cyclone, war, etc. Adra accepts the donation from the people who want to help the disaster victims. Adra receives funding from private, government, and corporate donors for different projects and provides relief to the needy people. The donation includes clothes, food, furniture products, etc.
Contact Details Of Adra OP Shop
Address: ADRA Australia 146 Fox Valley Rd, (PO Box 129), Wahroonga NSW 2076.
Phone Number: 1800 242 372 or +61 2 9489 5488.
E-mail Service Support:

Adra Op Shop In Parafield & Victor Harbour

Adra Op Shop In Parafield
Adra Op Shop in Parafield is a second-hand furniture store. In this store good quality furniture product, clothes, electrical goods, shoes, etc are available at a cheap price. The staff members of this store are very helpful.
Address: 2/1a Lawrence Hargrave Way, Parafield SA 5106, Australia
Phone Number: +61 8 8182 5003
Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Saturday-Sunday: Closed.

Adra Op Shop In Victor Harbour
Adra Op Shop in Victor Harbour is a thrift store where a huge variety of products is available like clothes, toys, furniture items, etc at an affordable price. The staff members of the store are friendly.
Address: 49 Maude St, Encounter Bay SA 5211, Australia
Phone Number: +61 473 252 958

Adra Op Shop In Ballina, Cessnock & Canberra

Adra Op Shop In Ballina
ADRA Australia in Ballina is an association where good quality second hand and recycled goods are offered at reasonable prices. Household products, clothes, books, furniture, etc all are available under one roof. The staff members are cooperative, friendly and helpful.
Address: 17 Kerr St, Ballina NSW 2478, Australia
Phone Number: +61 2 6681 1779

Adra Op Shop In Cessnock
ADRA Op Shop in Cessnock is a second-hand furniture store. In this store furniture products and all other accessories are available for the customers.
Address: 116 Vincent St, Cessnock NSW 2325, Australia
Phone Number: +61 2 4991 4433

Adra Op Shop In Canberra
ADRA Op Shop in Canberra is also a thrift store where all home furnishing products and accessories are available. The volunteers in this shop are helpful and friendly.
Address: 14 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT 2612, Australia
Phone Number: +61 451 573 890
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