Adaptive Furniture For The Disabled: Products And Where To Buy

Products And Where To Buy

Adaptive Furniture refers to the type of furniture which makes life easy for those people who are suffering from any kind of disability or require special care for the living. There are various types of products which comes in Adaptative furniture category and they are available in the form of seating, chairs, beds, etc. Here are some of the examples of the Adaptive Furniture For The Disabled:
  • Small Rifton Activity Chair: The base of this product includes a foot push that is meant for height adaptation. This product also includes the rubber caters at the base by which this chair can be moved from one place to another.
  • Leckey Advance Bath Seat: This product can easily be folded and the frame of this product is crafted from aluminium material and is having a rust-free finish. The seat of this product is created from the polyester fabric. The legs of this item are covered by a rubber pad to prevent it from a lapse in water.

Where To Buy: The Customers can easily purchase these products at the Special needs Company where the customers can select any product as per their need.
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