Action Lane Furniture Warranty: Labor Charges

How Much Warranty Does Lane Furniture Offer On Their Products & Does Their Warranty Cover Labor Charges?

Lane Furniture does many quality checks before dispatching the product so that the customer gets ordered item in original condition. They offer different types of warranty periods on a different range of products which can vary from 1 to 7 years but the labor charges will only be covered under warranty for the period of one year. The warranty periods on different types of products are mentioned below:
  • Wood Frame And Components: They are warrantied for the period of 5 years in which labor charges are covered only for one year.
  • Sinuous Springs And Spring Systems: They also come under warranty for 5 years which include one year labor charge.
  • Wood And Metal Bases, Rocker Bases& Swivel Kits: They come in a warranty of 3 years and one-year labor charge.
  • Decorative Wood Parts And Finish, Woods Leg: They come under one year warranty plan.
  • Mechs: Reclining Mechs come under 7 years of warranty, sleeper Mech come under 3 years of warranty, and power headrest come under one year of warranty.
  • Cushions & Pillows: Comfort King come with 3 years of warranty and other cushions come under one year of warranty.
  • Fabric & Leather: They are covered under warranty for one year except Headrest Covers Sleeper Mattress which is not covered under any warranty.
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