Accademia Outdoor Furniture: Garden

Accademia Garden/Outdoor Furniture Products

Accademia is a brand name from Potocco Spa whose products are made from metals, ropes & laminates. This brand name products can be used for indoor as well as outdoor spaces and the designs available in this brand are attractive & innovative. Accademia has an astonishing range of garden furniture products and here are some of the examples:
  1. Velva Sofa D: The frame of this item is constructed of steel and is available in two different color options.
  2. Agra Chairs: The frame of this chair is composed of steel painted with a glossy finish and the upholstery of this item is weaved by a synthetic rope.
  3. Katana Armchairs: These chairs are having ash colored frame and the upholstery of this item is crafted of eco leather.
  4. Pillow Pouf: The upholstery of this item is made up of leather and its frame is constructed of beach which is available in different color variations.
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