Wrought Iron Vs Aluminum Patio Furniture: Major Difference

General Overview

Both aluminum and wrought iron materials are the most preferred choices for decorating patios. Bot furniture pieces look elegant are best for outdoor environments. The aluminum furniture pieces are very light weighted and have good resistance to rust and dirt as the furniture is top coated. On the other hand, the wrought iron furniture pieces are heavy in weight and mare prone to chip or scratch. To make furniture to run for long the wrought iron pieces application of spray wax is recommended.

Pros And Cons Of Aluminum And Wrought Iron Furniture With Difference

The various pros and cons along with the difference of the aluminum and wrought iron patio furniture are mentioned below.

Wrought Iron

  1. Stylish: The wrought iron furniture is the most stylish choice for the patio.
  2. Strong And Heavy: The pieces made up of the wrought are noticed for strength and heaviness.
  3. Endurance: Because of its ultimate sturdiness the wrought iron offers ultimate endurance.
  4. Withstands: Since the furniture is heavy it withstands with all-weather conditions like storms or rain.
  5. Storage: Easy to store inside the garage as it does not occupy much space.
  6. Updating: The updating and makeover of the furniture are possible by changing its upholstery any time with much hectic.
  7. Designs: Wrought iron patio furniture offers the ample collection f the unique decorative designs that include floral, etc.

Cons/ Disadvantages

The various cons of the wrought iron furniture are mentioned below.
  1. Maintenance: The wrought iron needs maintenance on a routine basis.
  2. Treatment: Since the furniture is prone to rust hence treating with wax or sealant is necessary on an annual basis.
  3. Expensive: The wrought iron furniture is more expensive in comparison with the other types of metal furniture.

Aluminum Patio Furniture/Pros

The aluminum patio furniture advantages or pros are mentioned below.
  1. Lighter Weight: The aluminum furniture is the lighter in weight than the wrought furniture.
  2. Less Maintenance: The aluminum patio furniture does not require much maintenance and can be cleaned simply by freshwater to remove the dirt built up. Whereas, Wrought needs proper annual maintenance.
  3. Resistance: The furniture offers excellent resistance to rust and corrosion. The furniture withstands well to the outdoor elements.

Cons / Disadvantages

  1. Weight: Cannot hold the heavyweight and neither can withstand with the winds storms due to lightweight.
  2. Coating: Special powder coating is required to make the furniture weatherproof.
  3. Storage: Needs to be stored inside during the harsh cold months to avoid damage.
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