Wood Vs Plastic Toilet Seat: Main Differences

Main Differences Between Wood And Plastic Toilet Seat

Choosing the toilet seat cover is not a difficult task, below the user can find the main differences between wooden and plastic toilet seats so that they can determine which one is right for them.


The Plastic seats feel more cold and flimsy, whereas the wood can provide a more solid and sturdy feel. It depends on the type of finish that is applied to a wooden seat, due to which it may or may not feel cold during the winter.


The wooden seat is much more durable than the plastic seat and can be used for a long period of time. The Wooden seats are quite a bit thicker as well as heavier than plastic ones, which means they are less likely to break. One of the point to note here is that the wooden seat cover has a protective coating that can easily break with the span of time and the scratches that come during the cleaning process also breaks the finish and if wood becomes exposed it can eventually lead to warping.


The wooden toilet seat is more expensive than plastic ones, if the toilet seat is made from the exotic wood then it can be very costly.


The wooden toilet seat has a protective coating of sealant or is laminated that is useful in protecting the wood and will keep germs away but sealants can wear down over time, so the wood eventually requires additional applications of sealant. If the sealant is not applied than wood would have porous that will catch germs. Plastic seat, unlike wood, is not very porous, which means it’s very easy to clean simply by wiping the surface with a sanitary wipe. The same can be done for the sealed wooden toilet but in case of plastic, the user need not to worry about its wearing down over time.


The plastic toilet seat tends to look more modern while the wood itself looks more traditional. It totally depends on the user to which one they prefer. The users can get wooden toilet seats that are painted white. If the user likes the look of white plastic but prefers wood as a material, then this is a good option for them.

Final Thought

For the final thought, both are easy to clean and safe to use, so it's advisable to look for the above factors while choosing the seat. The wooden and plastic are not the only choice, the user can also go for the steel toilet seat.
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