Wood Vs Plastic Cutting Board: Advantages Of Wood & Plastic Board

Advantages/Pros Of Wood And Plastic Cutting Board

Food preparation requires specific tools to make things easier and comfortable, and cutting boards are one of the important tools that are used in the kitchen. Here the user can find some important points of the Wood and Plastic Cutting Board so that they can make their choice regarding which one to buy. Some of the advantages of both the types of cutting boards i.e wooden as well as plastic are mentioned below:

Wood Cutting Board

  1. Less Bacteria: The wooden cutting board have fewer bacteria than the plastic cutting board, this is due to the reason that on wooden board the bacteria sank down in the wood and will eventually die there and do not multiply.
  2. Resurfaced Easily: The Wood cutting boards are made from a hardwood, not bamboo due to which it can be sanded and then refinished with the food-safe mineral oil. This will help to eliminate the need for completely replacing a wood cutting board.
  3. Variety Of Options: The wooden cutting board is available in different options like Edge Grain Butcher Block, End Grain Butcher Block, Rustic Edge, Wide Plank. Each of these boards has its own styling and constructions.
  4. Easy To Maintain: Compared to the plastic cutting board it is very easy to clean and maintain and this is the reason that they don't easily contaminate the bacteria.
  5. Durable And Reliable: This is one of the important advantages of the wooden cutting board that it has long durability. If maintained properly it can last for many years to come.
  6. Safe Tool: It is also the safest tool while making the food because raw meat can be easily cut on the wooden board because of the sturdy and reliable surface.

Plastic Cutting Board

  1. Cleaning: The plastic cutting boards are very clean and sanitize than the wooden one. As they are dishwasher friendly so they can be washed in the dishwasher and is light in weight. It can easily be sanitized by creating a solution of bleach and water.
  2. Large Sizes: The plastic cutting board are available in large and custom sizes for restaurants.
  3. Durability: It has the excellent durability that gives good Resistance to acids, alcohol or any spills. It has the great stiffness, rigidity, as well as heat resistance.
  4. Less Price: As the plastic cutting boards are made from the plastic material so it is very less expensive than the wooden board.
  5. Different Options: The plastic cutting boards are available in different options like colors, sizes as well as in shape, so the user can find the board that matches their kitchen and utensils.
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