Wood Swelling Solution: Easy Steps To Fix

The water and moisture are bad for all types of engineered wood floors and solid wood floors. If the user wants to keep wood safe from swelling then reduce the humidity of the room and if there is any type of liquid on the wood or wooden floor then clean it immediately as soon as possible. Swelling of wood floor can ruin the look of the floor.

Solutions For Wood Swelling

The best and easy solutions for wood swelling are mentioned below;
  1. Acclimate: This is the first step to keep safe the wood from swelling. Leave the wood floor planks in installation space for 2-3 days to acclimate the wood planks completely before nailing it.
  2. Cover: In order to cover the subfloor, use tar paper, plastic sheeting and resin paper stapled to plywood, this will work as a moisture barrier.
  3. Extra Moisture: Between ground and subfloor on ground-floor installations extra ventilation is required in the crawl space of the floor.
  4. Fasteners: The wider planks of wood flooring need more fasteners. The fasteners should be more closely-spaced.
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