Why Use Chalk Paint Vs Regular Paint: Differences Between Regular & Chalk Paint

Difference between the Chalk Paint and the Regular Paint

Here are some of the differences between the chalk paint and the regular paint:

Chalk Paint

  1. Effort: The chalk paint can get easily attached to any surface because this type of paint mostly works as the self primer. The chalk paint also saves time of the user and does not require any surface preparation as well.
  2. Cost: The chalk paint is quite expensive than the rest of other regular paints.
  3. Dries Quickly: This type of paint usually dries faster than the rest of other paint finishes.
  4. Easy To Clean: The chalk paint spills can be cleaned up easily by using the dry brush or the sandpaper.
  5. Diluted: The chalk paint can be diluted easily by using the water and then can also be used as the paint sprayer.

Regular Paint

  1. Effort: The regular paints mainly require the basic primer coat otherwise these paints cannot get attached to the surfaces.
  2. Cost: The regular paints are normally less expensive.
  3. Dries Quickly: These type of paint also dries faster than the rest of other paint colours but the regular paints does not get blended easily.
  4. Easy To Clean: These type of paints can be removed when they are completely dried by using the rubbing alcohol or the palette knife accordingly.
  5. Diluted: These type of paints can be diluted in order to form the effects like water colour.
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