Why Is My Wood Floor Turning Black: Steps & Items Needed To Fix Black Stains

General Overview

The hardwood floor usually consists of planks that are made from a single piece of timber. The wood floors are having a thicker surface that can be refinished, as well as, you can sand it so many times. There are many types of flooring such as single joist, double joist & framed or triple joist timber flooring. The material used for the flooring is wood that comes in various designs colors, cuts, and species. Usually, bamboo is used to make it better rather than timber. The lifespan of the wood floor is near about 20-100 years if installed and cared properly but you will face some stain issues on your floor because if the water is spilled on the floor for a longer time or any other liquid spills on the floor and the wood floor soaks it then you will see a dark stain there and this the main reason why your wood floor turns black and cleaning of this type of stains is necessary.

Steps And Items Needed To Fix Black Stains On Wood Floor

If you want to clean the dark or black stains from your floor then you just need to collect all the given items and follow all the given steps. Here are the item list and steps for this process:

Things You Will Need For This Process

  • Clean Rags, Steel Wool & White Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide & Mineral Spirits
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaner & Bleach
  • Fine Sandpaper & Hardwood Floor Wax

Steps For This Process

  1. In order to remove the black stains from your floor, first you need to wipe away the surface for dirt and grime with the help of a damp cloth. Never work directly on a dirty floor because it can result in scratches and the gouges on the floor surface, marring the finish even more.
  2. Then you need to take no 1 steel wool to lightly rub & scour the stain affected area. Synthesize with luminous rubbing into the unstained areas of your floor. This feathering will help for future staining and refinishing of your floor.
  3. Next you need to simply soak your clean rag in the vinegar and then place this rag on the stain affected area. Now allow the applied vinegar to work on stain affected area for at least 5-10 minutes. You have to work in sections for the larger stains of your floor and then apply the vinegar numerous times to see stain lighting.
  4. Test a sample of the hydrogen peroxide in an invisible area of your wood floor because the hydrogen peroxide will lighten any stains with the consecutive applications. Next, you need to soak a cloth and then apply it on the dark water stain and then allow this peroxide at least 5 to 10 minutes for it to work. You can also mix the hydrogen peroxide with water at first to get a stronger solution if necessary.
  5. Next you need to apply a layer of the mineral spirits to dark stains affected area with the help of steel wool to gently scour the floorboards. Next, wipe away extra excess, if there is any. In this step, you are going to remove the protective layer of polyurethane. Work with the mineral spirits into the wood. You can also use the substitute hardwood floor cleaner in this situation to remove the water stain from your wood floor.
  6. Then you need to mix a solution of 4 parts of clean water to 1 part of bleach and then you need to spray or wipe this mixture on the exposed wood floor surface.
  7. The bleach will easily lighten any dark stain with consecutive applications. If you are not seeing any appropriate result then strengthen the solution and reapply it on your floor. Sometimes, sanding the surface of your wood floor with fine sandpaper will also help to release any layers of polyurethane from your floor.
  8. Finally you need to protect your wood floor area with a layer of your hardwood floor wax appropriate for your type of flooring when the dark stains are gone from the surface of your wood floor. Scouring your wood flooring surface by using steel wool or with the help of sandpaper removes the protective wax finish from your wood floor.
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