Why Does My Mattress Creak: Main Reasons For Creaking

General Overview

There are various reasons behind the mattresses creaking and some of them include the loose mattress springs or screws or bolts. Alternatively, there could be a problem with the metal frame of the mattress. The mattress creaks feel so much irritating while sleeping that calls for the immediate action. Another reason to fix the mattress creak on an instant basis is that it can lead to the problems in the spine due to the lack of support.

Various Reasons To Figure Out Mattress Creak

Various reasons to figure out mattress creak are mentioned as below.
  1. Inspecting: As said above there can be the various reasons behind the mattress creak like frame, springs, bolts, etc. Individual analysis of each mattress part is recommended.
  2. Jump Over It: Place the mattress over the floor and jump over it in order to check the creaks or not.
  3. Bed Springs: In case the mattress is not creaking than checking the bed springs is important as that could be the main reason behind the creak. This can be done by putting the box spring on the ground and rolling it in order to make the diagnosis. If the problem is with the box then possibly replacing it with the new one is the only solution.
  4. Frame Checking: The frame also needs to be checked properly by putting pressure on all the part of the frame to check creak and if it shows the creaking sign than follow the mentioned steps to fix it up.
  5. Tighten: The metal frame needs to be properly examined to tighten the metal frame with the help of the tools like screwdrivers, etc.
  6. Lubricate: The lubrication is another way to treat the creaky issue in a metal frame. Apply beeswax to the frame in order to get the satisfactory results.
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