Why Does My Bed Creak When I Move: Easy Steps To Fix

The bed is made of many natural materials like iron, steel, metal or wood. The life span of the bed is nearly 30-35 years if cared properly, but after some time, the bed starts making a creaky or squeaking noise which is so annoying to hear. Below are some of the reasons and easy steps to fix the problem.

Reasons And Solutions


  1. Mattress And Box Spring: The mattress, box spring, or the frame of the bed can be the main reason for creaking sound. In order to fix this problem, separate all bed items in a large place to fix this problem.
  2. Joint Problems: After a short period of time, the joints of bed frame start losing the nuts and bolts and cause the creaky noise. Before removing all parts of the bed, first, check the joints of the bed frame.


  1. Tighten It Up: In order to fix creaking sound of bed, use screwdriver and wrench to tighten the bolts and screws. Also, use plastic washers on bolts and screws to avoid future creaking noise.
  2. Lubricate: Use some beeswax or WD-40 on tight parts of the bed frame. Rub beeswax or spray WD-40 for 2 times on bed frame.
  3. Add Padding: Take some old t-shirts or old socks and place them on a slat of the bed frame. Use cork to fill the empty space which can be results of noise.
  4. Check The Feet: Rubbing the bed against to floor can also make creaky noise. So, use furniture pad for the leg of the bed, Uncovered legs of bed can make the creaking sound.
  5. Purchase A New Bed Frame: Check, if the condition of mattress is not well, then the user needs to purchase a new mattress for the bed.
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