What Kind Of Paint To Use On Wood Furniture: Steps To Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Wood Furniture?

Applying paint on the wood furniture gives a new look to the furniture. Choosing the kind of paint for wood furniture depends on the choice of the user to make the furniture look attractive.
1.Unfinished Wood: On the unfinished wood furniture products the paint to be applied is Water-based latex paint with a glossy shine. This type of paint is very easy to clean. When the paint is applied on to the furniture it is first sanded then cleaned with a bristle brush. Then a coat of primer is applied as it provides a good base for paint.
2.Finished Wood: For the finished wood furniture oil-based paint is used to increase its durability. Primer is not used before applying this type of paint. Oil-based paint does not dry quickly. Mineral spirits are used to clean the oil-based paint brushes and other tools.
3.Pressed Wood: The pressed wood category includes plywood, veneers, fiberboard, paper laminate, etc. On the pressed wood furniture oil based primer is used first and then latex paint is applied on the surface of the furniture.
4.Antique Or Distressed Finishes: For making the furniture to look antique or distressed chalk paint and milk paint can be used. Chalk paint can be applied directly on the surface of the furniture. Milk paint is mixed with a polycrylic topcoat to latex and then can be applied on the surface of the furniture.

Steps To Paint Outdoor Wood Furniture

The outdoor wooden furniture requires a coat of primer on the exterior surface and a coat of paint on the exterior surface of the furniture to protect it from the UV rays. The steps are mentioned below:
  1. Prepare The Furniture: The first step is to prepare the furniture and sand the furniture to remove the old finish.
  2. Apply Primer: Next step is to apply the primer on the surface of the furniute and leave it to dry.
  3. Apply Paint: Then apply the different coats of paint on the entire surface of the furniture.
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