What Kind Of Paint To Use On Wood Furniture: Best Spray Paint On Outdoor Wooden Furniture

General Overview

Wood furniture is an expensive investment and needs to be properly taken care of when it comes to painting. There are a number of the paints available for the wood furniture to choose from but satin or semi-gloss finish paints works best for the wooden furniture pieces. Alternatively, latex paint is also the ultimate choice for wood furniture as it is compatible with a number of stains.

What Paint Is Best Used For The Outdoor Furniture?

There are specific types of paints used for diverse outdoor furniture depends on the material they are made up of. Some of the best paints used for outdoor furniture are mentioned below:
1.Wooden: Exterior primer and paint is the ultimate choice for the outdoor wooden furniture. Application of exterior paint and primer makes a protective layer on the outdoor wooden furniture pieces and makes them resistant against the harmful UV rays and other outdoor elements. Prior application of the exterior paint and primer it is very necessary to sand the furniture piece and make its surfaces even and smooth. Once the sanding is done use primer and allow it to dry completely and follow up by the latex paint.
2.Wicker: Oil-based exterior paint is the superb choice for the furniture pieces made up of the wicker or other soft wood materials.
3.Metal: The outdoor metal furniture requires priming first and once dried then it should be painted with the exterior-grade enamel paint. Use scraper and metal brush to eliminate all the rust and make its surface even.
4.Plastic: The spray paints are meant to apply over the plastic furniture surfaces but priming should be first done.


An ample number of the spray paints are available in the market to use over the wooden furniture pieces and one of them is mentioned below:
Rust-Oleum 249094 Painter's Touch Multi-Purpose: This versatile paint spray is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor furniture surfaces. The spray is compatible with the number of surfaces including wood, plaster, metal, etc. The spray paint protects the furniture against the various harmful elements and prevents chips as well. It offers a great gloss finish and comes with a super quick time.
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