What Kind Of Paint To Use On Laminate Cabinets: 4 Types Of Paint

best 4 Kinds Of Paint To Use on Laminate Cabinet

Here are some of the examples of the paint that can be used on the Laminate Cabinets:
  1. Alkyd Paint: These type of paints offers the very hard finish on the surface of the laminate cabinets that allows the user to easily clean their cabinets. The users need to be very cautious and they need to have some professional techniques while applying this paint as these type of paints often comes up in the spray type bottles.
  2. Latex Paint: These type of paints are also known as the water build paints and it offers a glossy finish while applying it on the surface of the laminate cabinets. The water build latex paints may take near about two or three weeks to get dried completely.
  3. One-Step Paint: These are the special type of paints that are specifically made for laminate cabinets. The users need to sand the laminate surface before applying these type of paints and after that, the paint will easily adhere to the laminate surface and will create a high gloss finish.
  4. Primer: The primer is necessarily applied on the laminate cabinets to create a smooth surface so that that paint will get easily affixed to the laminate surfaces. The users are advised to allow the primer to dry completely before applying the paint layer.
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