What Is The Best Paint For Furniture: Brief Overview

Best Paint for Furniture

There are several Paints in the market which can easily be listed among the Best Paints for furniture. It is not possible to select a single Paint among all as the best Paint because all the Paints have different properties and according to their properties, experts recommend such Paints to be used on furniture. Some of the best Paints available in the market are as follows:

Folk Art Chalky Paint:

This is a chalky paint available in small as well as large bottles i.e. 2-ounces to 32-ounce bottles. Also, the paint is cheaper compared to other Paints available in the market. Apart from that, the paint is recommended as it sticky really well.
Where To Buy:
The user can easily buy the paint from the Amazon by visiting the Folk Art Chalky Paint page.

Beyond Paint:

The paint is recommended to use on furniture because it is hard to mess and quick to use. It is also recommended to apply the paint with a small roller in order to avoid brush marks. Also, the paint is self-sealing which means it doesn't require a top coat of sealer unless the item has to be heavily used. The paint is only available in 12-14 finishes which is one of its drawbacks along with its price which is a little bit expensive compared to other paints.
Where To Buy:
In order to buy the paint, visit Amazon's Beyond Paint page.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

This paint is one of the well-known paints in the market which is available in 32 colors and covers the furniture well. It is recommended to use two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in order to provide better coverage to the furniture. The paint is also recommended to use when the user wants to give his furniture a distressed look because the paint is easy to sand down.
Where To Buy:
The paint is not available for purchase at regular stores rather the user can buy the paint from Annie Sloan's stockist and the recommended stockist is Robyn Story Designs.
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