Weaving A Chair Seat With Paracord: Ultimate & Easy Way For Weaving

Ultimate & Easy Way For Weaving A Chair Seat With Paracord

The Paracord is a short form for parachute cord which is its original use. The paracord now is available in a multitude of colors and has a number of uses. Its comprised of multiple nylon cords and due to which its amazingly strong, very durable, as well as easy to clean. The Paracord woven chairs wear well and besides, that will look great for a long period of time.

First Side

  • Tie The First Half: In the first step the user needs to tie the first half of the rope to one of the horizontal seat poles with the help of a clove hitch. Start from any one of the 4 sides of the seat. Tie the knot and slide it to one corner, this will be the starting point of the warp. A warp is the first round of rope, that is pointing in one direction, and which will give the weave its shape.
  • 1 Inch Spacer: Across the seat lay the one-inch spacer, that will be perpendicular to the knot. This spacer will help to keep slack in the weave after starting in the first direction. Besides that, it will make it much easy to weave from the other side later. If the user will make the first weave too tight then they will have to remove it and start again.
  • Wrap The Rope: Now the next step is to wrap down around to the whole width of the chair, then back to the starting point. Take Paracord rope and lay it on the spacer, from over the opposite seat pole, after that back underneath everything to the starting point. This will be the one loop.
  • Overlapping: Now to Keep the paracord from overlapping, then wrap the paracord around everything almost 4 more times. Start from the pole on which knot was tied, lay down the paracord over the spacer, from the opposite pole, then back underneath everything from where started. In order to push the strings close together use the fingers, then repeat the process until there are 5 wraps.
  • Individually Wrap: After the five times wrapping is done, then go for the individually wrapped to the seat pole to create out a spacer. Wrap down the rope once around the pole that is opposite to the starting side and do not wrap across the whole width of the chair.
  • Second Spacer: For creating the second spacers simply run the rope to the other side and wrap to first seat pole only once. Come back to the starting point and wrap the paracord around the horizontal seat pole.
  • Slide The Strings: Now in this step the user needs to slide the string close together. If the starting point is on the left side of the seat, then slide everything to the left.
  • Repeat The Process: Now continue the process of 5 horizontal wraps with one spacer until the whole chair is covered. This process simply continues until the user finishes one side of the chair.
  • Tie A New Clove Hitch: If the user has run out of paracord then don't tie a knot between two ends of the rope. The user needs to simply finish the set of 5 wraps and create the two spacers. Tie the second spacer in, and create a clove hitch using a new strand of paracord and start from this point. Also, use a crochet hook for any weaving of stray strands back into the weave.

Weaving The Other Side

  • Wrap The Remainder: For the other side start wrapping from the remainder of the rope onto the shuttles. The Shuttles are very simply thin yarn holders that can be slided into the weave, which will make it much easier to get a tight weave.
  • Turn: Now in this step flip the seat upside-down and repeat the step above with the other spacer, lift the other sets of five strings.
  • Larger Shuttle: Start out from the larger shuttle with the paracord, tie the cord down to a seat pole using another clove hitch.
  • Use The Shuttle: In order to slide under the lifted strings slide the shuttle, wrap the paracord around the width of the chair for almost five times. After the five rounds wrap up the seat poles for creating spacers.
  • Follow The Same Pattern: The user should follow the pattern of five wraps, one spacer simply by sliding down the shuttle under the lifting strings.
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