Weathered Wood Look With Chalk Paint: Steps To Create Distressed Wood Look

Steps To Create Distressed Weathered Wood Look With Chalk Paint

Wood with weathered look offers a stunning and elegant appearance. The weathered furniture look can be achieved using the number of diverse methods with ease. One of the best ways to get a unique look is to paint wood furniture with chalk paint. The distressed weathered wood look can be achieved using the following steps mentioned below:

Items Required

The main items required to create the distressed wood weathered look includes.
  • Chalk paint, Good paint brush
  • Primer, chip paint brushes
  • Plastic cups, lint-free rags
  • Clear wax, Screwdriver and Spray Paint for hardware


The steps to get the perfect weathered wood look using chalk paint are mentioned below:
  1. Clean: The very first step is to clean the piece of the furniture properly and make the surface completely prepare for the primer.
  2. Remove Hardware: Before the application of the primer ensure to remove all hardware from the furniture piece.
  3. Primer: Apply the coat of the primer using a normal foam brush and let it dry for nearly an hour.
  4. Sanding: Sand the furniture piece using 220 grit sandpaper and go for the second primer coat.
  5. Apply Base Color: Once the primer dries application of the base color chalk paint is required. Apply a maximum of two coats.
  6. Blend Paint: To get a distressed weathered wood look just take the brown paint and add a good amount of water into it such as 1 part of paint needs to be mixed with two parts of water. In addition, take Cottage White paint and mix water into it as well.
  7. Chip Brushes: Get two chip brushes for both the paints.
  8. Application: Apply the brown paint first over the furniture in light coats and in the direction of the grains. Make sure to apply paint in a small section to cover the entire area.
  9. Paper Towel: After the application of the brown paint take the paper towel to wipe it in the same direction it is applied. This must be done immediately after the application of the paint.
  10. White Paint: Apply the white paint by following the similar steps of brown paint and wipe it off in the straight line immediately using the paper towel.
  11. Clear Wax: Apply the clear wax over the furniture using a rag cloth or wax brush.
  12. Spray Paint: Apply spray paint like Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze over the hardware.
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