Waterproofing A Shower Seat: 5 Easy Steps & Items Needed To Waterproof A Shower Seat

5 Easy Steps & Items Needed To Waterproof A Shower Seat

Nowadays the shower seats are eventually crafted from the plastic or the metal material that does not get affected when they are exposed to the water. These kinds of modern shower seats are waterproofed and require minimal maintenance service. While as the pre-existing shower seats were made up of the wood materials that can get affected easily when they are exposed to the water and that is why these kinds of shower seats require the waterproof coating by which they can easily repel the water. The users can easily waterproof their shower seat at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Sandpaper, Damp Rag, Wood Sealer
  • Paint Brush, Polyurethane, Water
  • Car Polish


  1. Use The Sandpaper: Start by sanding down the seat by using the fine-grit sandpaper. The users are advised to only roughen up the surface rather than detaching the finish. Then wipe down the surface of the seat by using the wet rag so as to detach the dust after the sanding process.
  2. Apply The Wood Sealer: After the sanding process is done, apply the wood sealer to the entire surface of the seat as the sealer will seal down the wood surface and will increase the waterproofing protection. Then let the wood sealer to get dried off completely.
  3. Apply Polyurethane Coats: Then the users need to apply the polyurethane to the surface of the seat and to do so they need to use the soft-bristled brush. Then apply the polyurethane layer as per the grain direction and let it get dried off completely before applying another coat of the polyurethane. Now let the shower seat to get dried off completely for near about one day before applying the third layer of the polyurethane.
  4. Sand Down The Finish: After that, rub the third polyurethane coat by using the sandpaper and to do so the users need to pour the water cup all over the polyurethane coat and then sand it down in the round motions. The users are advised to gently sand it down and then wipe down the dust with the wet cloth. Then allow the shower bench to get dried off completely.
  5. Apply Last Coat Of Polyurethane: Once the users cleaned up the shower bench surface, then they need to apply the last coat of the polyurethane and let this coat dry off completely. Thus this will waterproof the shower bench and the users can easily expose their shower seat to water.
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