Water Based Acrylic Paint For Wood Furniture: Method

What Is The Method Of Using Water Based Acrylic Paint For Wood Furniture

Follow these basic methods for using water-based acrylic paint on Wood Furniture:
  1. Rinse Previous Paint: When the product has previous existing paint then rinse it with soap and warm water after which the customers have to dry it by using cloth. Apply sandpaper, damp cloth with mineral spirits also to completely finish the old paint on it.
  2. Knotting Solution: For pine, use a coat of knotting solution with a paint brush and put it on the dry interval.
  3. Primer: Use a primer with a paintbrush and keep it on dry place.
  4. Thin Coat: Apply a thin coat with a foam brush and for smoothness, bug crumpled brown paper bag or sandpaper.
  5. Finishing Glaze: Use a finishing glaze with a paintbrush to give it a long lasting touch.
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