Wash Sofa Cushions: Easy Steps To Wash

General Overview

Cleaning and maintaining the sofa cushions is very much beneficial in order to make them look beautiful and best in condition for longer. It's very obvious that sofa cushions attract dirt, grime and even pet hairs with the time that can ruin the cushion fabrics. Regular cleaning with a vacuum to remove the dust is one way to keep its appearance look beautiful and clean. In addition, treating the minor stains immediately is also the ultimate way to keep the sofa cushions neat and clean.

Easy Steps To Wash Sofa Cushions

Easy steps to wash sofa cushions are mentioned below.
  1. Vacuuming: Prior washing the sofa or couch cushions it is always advisable to deep clean the cushions with a vacuum. Make sure, to read the washing instructions labeled on the product.
  2. Small Stains: If the stains are small and fresh immediately treat it with the liquid soaked towel. Keep the towel over the affected spot for blotting and avoid rubbing the stain. Alternatively, for the older stains try to clean it by applying the upholstery cleaner and rag.
  3. Tough Stains: If the stains are tough and are hard to remove with the hand. Then treat the stains using the steam cleaner.
  4. Washing In Machine: If instructions recommend machine washing just take off the cover and wash the cushions in matching using gentle wash cycle. Make sure, to use the cold water and mild soap detergent only. It must be noted that the agitator from the cushions must be removed while washing the cushions in the washing machine.
  5. By Hand: The best and recommended way to wash the cushions is to put both cushions and covers into the bathtub filled with the water and mild detergent either vinegar and water can also be used for washing. Once done rub the cushions a covers perfectly using hand and rinse them with the clean freshwater completely.
  6. Dry It: Let the cushions air dry in sunlight and ensure it to dry completely in order to restrict the mold and mildew from growing.
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