Walnut Wood Characteristics: General Overview

General Overview

The Walnut wood is a type of hardwood and belongs to the family of the Juglandaceae and the kingdom of the Plantae. The walnut trees usually grow tall and the leaves of the walnut trees are having the feather-like texture. The walnut wood is available in different colour finishes and style variations as well. The walnut wood is used in making the furnishing items, cabinets, panelling, flooring, and gun stocks. North America is one of the prime distributors of walnut wood throughout the world.

Properties of the Walnut Wood

Here are some of the properties of the Walnut Wood:
  1. Appearance: The Walnut Wood is usually available in the Light brown colour and the dark chocolate colour. The wood grain of the walnut wood is naturally straight and that is why the Walnut wood is having its rare colour
  2. Hardness: The walnut wood is extremely hard and is having the natural resistance towards the decay and termite attacks and that is why it will last for many years if maintained.
  3. Water Resistance: This type of wood is water resistance and that is why it can be used in the humid areas of the homes like kitchen areas.
  4. Easy To Get Sanded And Polished: The walnut wood can be sanded and polished easily by applying the wax or the wood oil accordingly.
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