Virgil Abloh Furniture: Brief Overview

Virgil Abloh is actually a fashion designer and a DJ, despite being a fashion designer he decided to go all the way back to his roots and started a furniture company.
Virgil Abloh Furniture Ikea
IKEA has revealed the furniture line up of Virgil Abloh, in its long-awaited furniture collection, The collection which was displayed is meant for young people moving into their first homes and is named as Marked. The product in the collection was a wooden chair with a bright red doorstop, a glass cabinet with a wooden frame, etc. To know more about the collection, price, another item etc. please visit its Information page.
Virgil Abloh Furniture Line
Virgil Abloh is a fashion designer who has started its furniture line. Their furniture consists of durability, in opposition to the ephemeral life of clothes. In their line up of furniture grill is their main theme, their line up of furniture consists of two main parts, to get the full details please visit Furniture line.
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