Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring With Pets: Comparison Between

Comparison Between Vinyl And Laminate Flooring With Pets

Vinyl Flooring For Pets

Vinyl plank flooring is the best choice for flooring in bathrooms, home with pets, kitchens, and other moisture areas. Vinyl plank flooring is available at reasonable rates. It is water-resistant and highly durable. Water spilled accidentally on the floor can be cleaned easily. The features of vinyl flooring for pets are mentioned below:
  1. Prevents Scratches: The vinyl flooring is vulnerable to scratches. To prevent the floor from scratches the users need to regularly clean the vinyl floor surface with the help of mop and vacuum. Cleaning the dirt and dust particles from the floor prevents the floor from scratches. If there is high traffic on the floor then cover the floor with rugs, this will prevent the floor from getting scratched.
  2. Restores Shine: With time the vinyl floor loses shine. It is advised not to use the wax or solvent on the vinyl floor surface. It is recommended to use the lamb’s wool bonnet on the vinyl floors.

Laminate Flooring For Pets

Laminate flooring has a hardwood look and is waterproof flooring. Any water spill on the floor can be cleaned quickly to prevent the floor from damage and expanding. Some of the laminate floors are not suitable for pets but some are suitable to accommodate the pet needs. The features of laminate flooring for pets are given below:
  1. Enhances Traction: The laminate floors appear to be smooth that results in the slipping of the pets. The users need to cover the floor with rugs to avoid this problem. Selection of distressed laminate floor also helps to avoid the problem of traction.
  2. Prevents & Treats Scratches: The laminate floors have a layer of veneer that prevents the floor from being scratched. If there exist scratch on the veneer layer then lightly sand the floor with small-grit sandpaper and rub the floor until the scratch removes from the floor.
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