Vinyl Plank Vs Hardwood: Comparison

Comparison Between The Vinyl Plank And Hardwood

Vinyl Plank Floor

  1. Durability: The vinyl plank floor is highly durable. Over a long period of time the vinyl planks may get scratched or the dents can occur in planks.
  2. Installation: The installation of vinyl floor is easy. The vinyl planks are installed by applying the glue on the existing floor surface and gluing down the vinyl plank floors.
  3. Repair: If there occurs tear or cut in the vinyl plank floor then that portion is replaced by the same design of the floor.
  4. Restoration: This type of floor cannot be easily restorable. When the protective coating of the floor gets removed away then the floors need to be replaced.
  5. Upkeep: The vinyl plank floors can be cleaned and maintained easily by regularly vacuuming and sweeping. The high traffic areas of the floor are protected with rugs or mats. It is recommended to use the specialized cleaners for cleaning.

Hardwood Floor

  1. Durability: The durability of hardwood floor depends on different factors like type of wood, finished floor or not, maintenance, etc. If the hardwood floors are maintained properly then the floors can last for a longer time.
  2. Installation: The hardwood floors are difficult to install and hence a professional is required for its installation.
  3. Repair: If the hardwood floor gets damaged then the affected area can be repaired by refinishing and sanding. In these floors, there is no need to replace the damaged area.
  4. Restoration: The hardwood floors are easy to restore in the new conditions.
  5. Upkeep: It is important to keep the moisture away from the floor surface in order to protect the floor from damage. The users can use the pads for keeping the hardwood floors clean.
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