Vinyl Flooring Problems: Problems And Solutions

Problems With Vinyl Flooring

Stains And Discoloration

The main reasons for stain and discoloration are sunlight, heat and spills.
  1. Spills: In order to safe vinyl flooring from getting damaged is to clean spills immediately with clean rag cloth. Wipe the spills until the floor is fully dry.
  2. Sunlight: The user needs to avoid direct sunlight on the floor, Curtains can help to avoid sun damage to vinly flooring simply, place curtains on windows to keep the room shaded when the sun is strongest to avoid damage from sunlight.
  3. Shoes And Nylon Socks: Remove nylon socks and rubber-soled shoes before walking on the vinyl floor because rubber-soled shoes or nylon socks can bring stain while walking on the vinyl floor.

Scratches And Damage

Reasons And Solutions
  1. Regular Cleaning: The main reasons for the scratched and damaged vinyl floor are dirt and grit, which comes with shoes or with dirty clothes. In order to keep the vinyl floor safe from getting damaged or scratched is to clean the floor regularly by using sweeper on it.
  2. High Heels Shoes: Shoes with high heels can also damage the vinyl floor. Remove high heels shoes before walking on the vinyl floor.
  3. Defective Items: The vinyl floor get damaged easily with defective chair legs or with other defective item. In order to avoid damage and scratches from the defective chair legs or other defective items is to fix them.


Reasons And Solutions
  1. Installtion: The main causes of vinyl floor cracking are installing the material improperly like subflooring or underlayment.
  2. Replacement Or Repair: The repairing or replacement of subflooring or underlayment is recommended to avoid future damage for the vinyl floor.


Problem And Solution
  1. Vinyl Floor Peeling: The vinyl floor may start peeling from the corners and edges. To avoid this type of damage simply, use adhesive on the corners to fix it, no further repairing or replacement are required.
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