Vintage Paint Colors For Furniture: Chalk & Antique Paint Colors For Furniture

What Chalk Paint Is Best For Furniture?

There are different types of chalk paints that are available in the market. The best chalk paints that can be used on the furniture are mentioned below:
1.Renaissance Furniture Paint: It is one of the best chalk paint that is used for the furniture. It is available in different sizes. The best thing about it is that It is not that much costly. It comes in 37 different colors. Priming is not required for this type of chalk paint. It dries up in 30 minutes.
2.Rust-Oleum: It is a chalk spray paint that can be easily cleaned. It is available in 8 different colors. Priming is required for this chalk paint. It becomes dry in 30 minutes.
3.FolkArt: It is the best budget chalk paint. It is non-poisonous paint which is easy to clean. It is available in 42 different colors. This paint does not require priming. It takes a longer time to become dry. It is not expensive at all and is affordable to everyone. When this type of paint dries it provides an ultra-matte finish.
4.Chalky Chicks: This type of paint can be applied on furniture with a roller or a paint gun. It is available in 44 different color finishes. It is a thin chalk paint that needs to be waxed. It does not require priming.
5.Chalked Country Paint: This type of paint is best suited for cabinets. It is available in 42 different color finishes. This type of paint is not poisonous and can be cleaned easily. It is costly chalk paint. This chalk paint needs to be waxed and thinned.
6.KILZ Interior Chalk Paint: It is one of the versatile chalk paint product. It is available in 12 different color finishes. To increase the durability it can be used with the sealing wax. It becomes dry in a longer period of time.

Antique Paint Colors For Furniture

The different types of antique paint colors for furniture are available. Some of the antique paint colors are mentioned below:
1.Antique White Milk Paint: This type of paint can be applied on to the indoor as well as outdoor furniture products. This paint can be applied to the furniture through hand or can be sprayed. This paint is available in 33 different color finishes.
2.Gloss Antique White: This type of paint has the ability to resist the weather conditions and corrosion. It dries in 2 to 4 hours. When this paint is applied on to the furniture it provides a fresh shining surface.
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