Veneer Vs Laminate Wood: Comparison

Comparison Between Wood Veneer & Laminate Wood

There are a lot of differences between wood veneer and laminate wood. Laminate is manufactured by pressing several layers of heavy-duty paper with a melamine compound that hardens to become resin. On the other hand, Veneer is a thin layer of real wood that is attached to a plywood base. The wood veneer can be compared with the laminate wood as per the below-given properties:
  1. Production:
    Laminate can easily be produced compared to wood veneer that requires more effort in the crafting process.
  2. Price:
    The price of laminate wood is usually economical compared to the price of wood veneer that is usually priced higher than laminate wood.
  3. Strength:
    Laminate wood is much stronger than the wood veneer that is suspect to breakage.
  4. Scratch Resistance:
    Due to the strong nature of laminate wood, it is resistant to heat and scratches whereas wood veneer is softer that makes it susceptible to dents and scratches.
  5. Care & Maintenance:
    Laminate wood is scratch resistant that makes its care & maintenance easier compared to the wood veneer that requires a lot more care & maintenance due to it being suspect to scratches.
  6. Appearance:
    Laminate Wood doesn't have true wood grains and natural variations compared to wood veneer that has a more varied and richer look.
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