Varnish For Acrylic Paint On Wood: Best Way To Varnish

Best Way To Varnish For Acrylic Paint On Wood

If the paint on the wood is not properly applied then it can peel off or results in chips with the short span of time. The wood should be properly prepared before going for the paint and sealing the painted wood afterward, this will help the painted wood items to maintain their quality and grace for many years to come. The best way to prepare the wood for paint and apply the varnish on the acrylic paint is as follows:

Preparing the Wood before Paint

  1. Clean: Begin the process by cleaning the wood using the wet cloth, the cleaning is important because leaving the dust and other particles on the surface can result in the bad finish. So the wood should be cleaned before applying the sealant.
  2. Sealant: The next step is to apply the 2 coats of the sealant on the raw or bare wood, carefully brush the thin coat of the glossy acrylic medium sealant with a dampened sponge or paintbrush. Allow the first coat to dry before going for the second coat.
  3. Light Sanding: Once the sealant is dry then lightly sand the area to remove the excess sealant then wipe the area with the wet cloth and tack cloth .
  4. Primer: The next step is to apply the primer that will help the paint to stick on the surface much better, allow the primer to dry completely this may take several hours than start to apply the paint.

Protect The Paint With Clear Sealant

  1. Apply: With the help of the cloth, sponge or a paint brush apply the varnish, apply the thin layer of the varish and dont go for the thick layer, allow the layer to dry completely.
  2. Another Coat: In order to make sure that the paint is fully protected the user needs to apply the second layer of the varnish or sealant after the first coat is completely dried and after that allow the sealant to dry for almost 2 to 3 weeks before using it.
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