Using Indoor Furniture Outside: Easy Steps To Use Indoor Furniture Outside

Easy Steps To Use Indoor Furniture Outside

The outdoor living areas are filled with boring and traditional patio furniture. Almost any type of indoor furniture can be easily used outside with the protected elements. The covered outdoor patio furniture or porch which is totally safe from the harshest weather conditions will be a great place to arrange a perfect sitting area. Your indoor furniture can be easily used in open lawns and the other weather susceptible areas, too, if it is treated properly. With the help of some steps, you can easily use your indoor furniture outside. Here are the easy steps to use your indoor furniture outside, go through all the steps carefully:
  • Use Paintbrush: First of all, use your paintbrush in order to apply a generous layer of the paint stripper to your indoor furniture. Now you need to allow your applied paint stripper to sit for near about 10 minutes. Next, you need to scrape the finish off with the help of a scraper & by using a stiff-bristled brush.
  • Sanding: Now you need to sand the entire surface of your indoor furniture with the help of sandpaper(fine grit). Next, you need to wipe down with the help of a tack cloth.
  • Primer: After that, you need to brush on one even coat of primer and then you need to allow it to dry for few hours. Now you need to finish the work with exterior paint and then apply a coat of sealant after the applied paint is dry wholly.
  • Use Sealant: Then you need to use a sealant on the bare wood to avert the rot and mildew. The sealant will create a waterproof barrier that protects your wood.
  • Paint: The wooden furniture can also be sprayed or painted on with the help of a paintbrush and then dry it for at least 8 hours. Now you need to simply apply two even coats or more to make sure that your wood is sealed.
  • Waterproof: Next you need to waterproof any furniture fabric or may need to replace them with an outdoor safe material. Furniture waterproofer is easily available in the laundry aisle which is used in the washing machine and set in the dryer.
  • Stain Repellent: Now you need to spray a stain repellent on your cushions for the added protection before recovering with the help of treated fabric.
  • Waterproof Lacquer: Then you need to use the waterproof lacquer to protect any wood, copper, steel or the aluminum. The waterproof lacquer will protect your indoor furniture against rainfall, wind, salt, and also from UV rays.
  • Sealing: Finally sealing the indoor furniture even they are water-resistant will keep your furniture from rusting, peeling, rotting and flaking, so always seal your indoor furniture.
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