Using Acrylic Craft Paint On Wood Furniture: Steps


Here are some of the steps by which the customers can use the Acrylic Craft Paint On Wood Furniture:
  • First of all, the customers need to wash the wooden chair with warm soapy water and the sponge, if the Wooden Chair is having a coating of paint, then wash it rigorously then make it dry.
  • Then clean the wooden chair with the paint scraper in order to remove the existed paint on chair.
  • Wipe the wooden chair with the cloth or damp cloth for removing the dust from sand and now keep the wood to dry if used the tack cloth.
  • Paint it with the paintbrush with one coat for the time given in the instructions.
  • Apply one thin coat with the water-based Acrylic Primer with a paintbrush, apply one more coat now let it dry.
  • Apply one coat with foam brush let it dry cover the surface with the brown paper.
  • Apply one coat of finishing glaze and allow it to dry.
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