Using Acetone To Strip Furniture: Can You Use, Steps

Can You Use Acetone To Strip Furniture & What Are The Steps?

The customer can use Acetone in order to strip the furniture. The finish on the wood floor protects the furniture from getting scratches and stains and gives it a shiny look. The wood finish needs to be removed after some time for remodeling purposes. Acetone is used as a removing agent it is a colorless chemical solution.

Here Are Some Of The Important Steps To Use Acetone

  • Pour acetone over a dry cloth until they become damp, scrub the floor or furniture.
  • Then Allow the acetone to soak into the furniture or floor for at least five minutes, then repeat the process.
  • Then use a drum sander, with 20 to 36 grit sandpaper, move the sander across the hardwood.
  • After that apply new finish.
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