Used Office Furniture Abbotsford: BC (British Columbia) Store With Contact Details

Where To Buy Used Office Furniture In Abbotsford BC (British Columbia)?

Smart Office Solutions is an office furniture store where the customer can get used office furniture products in Abbotsford. They have three types of office furniture products available at their store which are mentioned below:
  1. Refurbished Workstations: They get used furniture workstations and remanufacture them and at the time of sale, the workstations will look like brand new. They can also take custom paint and the fabric of customer's choice so that the customer will get the workstation according to his choice. There are two ways of choosing a workstation for remanufacturing, either send an old workstation and make it remanufacture or choose from their inventory and they will remanufacture it according to the choice of the customer.
  2. Ready To Ship Workstations: The customer can also choose from their already remanufactured workstations which they have taken from some of their clients. The minimum charges for a 6*6 workstation will be $650 or the customer can also get it on $100 per month lease program. The charge excludes delivery and installation fee.
  3. Recycle Customer's Workstations: The customer can give them the workstation which is no longer required to him and they will recycle the same in order to give him the brand new workstation. There are two options for which they can use the customer's old furniture either they will sell it to some other customer if it is in good condition or they will check the furniture & if it is not in good condition then they will open it up and recycle it in making new workstation for the customer.

How To Contact Smart Office Solutions In Abbotsford?
Address: 2238 Queen St #137, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6J4, Canada.
Phone Number: +1 604-859-7678.
Working Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM – 4 PM, and Saturday & Sunday Closed.
Contact Us: The customer can Submit a message to them through their Contact Us page.
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