Used Furniture Dealers: Locations In Dubai, Melbourne, Sharjah & Long Island

Used Furniture Dealers Location In Dubai

In Dubai, there are several Used Furniture Dealers where the customer can purchase a wide range of used furniture products at affordable & low prices. Some of the dealer locations are mentioned below:
Used Furniture Dubai
Used Furniture in Dubai is a place where the customer can purchase pre-owned furniture & home furnishings at fewer prices. They sell name brand products at 50% - 85% lower cost than their brand new products price.
Address: Marina Sheikh Zayed road world trade center ! 28864 , Dubai, UAE.
Phone Numbers: 0566514404 / 044342661.
Email Support:
Working Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 AM – 11 PM, Friday 4 PM – 11 PM, and Saturday & Sunday 9 AM – 11 PM.

Used Furniture Buyer
Used Furniture Buyer is a buyer of used household items, commercially used furniture, and used home appliances. Also, they offer Moving & Shifting service and have trained & professional staff who do the process.
Address: Naif St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.
Phone Number: +971 55 669 9349.
Working Hours: They are open 24 hours a week.

Other Locations In Dubai
Apart from the above-mentioned locations, the customer can also purchase used furniture products from various other store locations in Dubai and in order to locate nearby used furniture store, the customer is required to visit the Used Furniture Dubai Dealers page.

Melbourne, Sharjah, Long Island & NJ (New Jersey)

Used Furniture Dealers In Melbourne
In Melbourne, there are a vast number of dealers where the customer can purchase used Furniture products. The top rated used furniture dealer in Melbourne is Mrs.Secondhand which is situated in Brunswick VIC who not only sell used furniture products but also deliver them to customer's location. The contact details of the dealer are mentioned below:
Address: 11 Ann St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia.
Phone Number: +61 408 233 497.
Working Hours: Monday - Wednesday Closed, and Thursday - Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM.

Other Dealers: In order to view the other used furniture dealer locations in Melbourne along with their Contact details, simply visit Used Furniture Melbourne Dealers page.

The Customer can view all the Used Furniture Dealers in Sharjah & their contact details by visiting the Used Furniture Sharjah Dealers page.

Long Island
All the Used Furniture Dealers In Long Island locations & contact details are available on the Used Furniture Long Island Dealers page.

In New Jersey, there are several used furniture dealers and the customer can view their Contact info by visiting the Used Furniture NJ Dealers page.
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