Update China Cabinet Without Paint: Step By Step Process Of Updating China Cabinet Without Paint

Step By Step Process Of Updating China Cabinet Without Paint

A china cabinet is a kind of furniture that is mostly used in a dining room & makes it look beautiful and attractive. If in case you have an old or used china cabinet at your home, you can update it, instead of purchasing a new one. Updating an old china cabinet is a do-it-yourself project. There are many ways of updating a china cabinet such as using chalk paint, however, you can also update the china cabinet without using paint on it. In order to update a china cabinet without paint, go through the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Step 1: Pry Off The Cabinet Back Using Cat’s-paw & Detach Shelves And Lower Doors

First of all, you need to pry off the cabinet back with the help of a cat’s-paw. After that, detach the shelves and lower doors & make sure to mark each door with the help of a pencil in order to make rehanging them easier. Also, detach and scrap the hardware from the upper as well as the lower doors. If in case your cabinet has carved on the lower doors, pry it off with the help of a screwdriver and scrap it. Then, with the help of a razor blade, scuff any emblems off the glass doors.

Step 2: Sand The Entire Cabinet Smoothly Including Backboard & Shelves

Now, start sanding the entire cabinet smoothly, which may also include the backboard as well as the shelves. Cleanse off the dust with the help of a tack cloth. Using the painter's tape, cover up both sides of the glass on the upper doors. Now, with the help of a paintbrush, spread white paint as well as a primer to the entire cabinet, which includes both sides of the shelves. Then get rid of the painter’s tape as the paint is still wet & allow it to dry.

Step 3: Spread The Wallpaper Paste To The Wallpaper Using Paint Roller

Next, take a paint roller & then spread the wallpaper paste to the wallpaper. Attach the wallpaper to the backboard, commencing in the center of the board. After that, use a plastic smoothing tool in order to make the wallpaper very smooth. Continue with the same process unless & until the entire board is covered. With the help of a seam roller, make the seams compact. Cut off any additional wallpaper. Cleanse off the stray paste with the help of a damp sponge. Finally, give it some time to dry fully.

Step 4: Replace The Shelves & Rehang The Lower Doors

Finally, replace the shelves before attaching the new hardware to the upper as well as the lower doors. Then, rehang the lower doors. Rigorously nail the backboard into place. After going through the above process, your old or used china cabinet will look brand new again and will look very attractive.
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