United Furniture Warehouse Abbotsford: Edmonton, Winnipeg, Phone Number

United Furniture Warehouse Edmonton

United Furniture has been established in the year 1981 and is a Canadian based retail furniture series that offers the best furniture products at a reasonable price. The company has a great range of furniture products for every room of your home. They believe in professionalism and that's why they are the company of their words and deliver the products in its estimated time. The company is committed to easing the hindrances that the customers are facing and that is why they are offering the various financing options as well. They also have in-stock clearance options where you can find amazing Furniture products at an amazing discount.

Phone Number
(780) 463-6555

United Furniture Warehouse Winnipeg

United Furniture has a diverse range of Furniture products with different variations in it, They believe in customers satisfaction and have a return policy for those who somehow want to return their products as the company believes in customers satisfaction. They sell their products at a very low price than any other company in the area. The company stand by the quality of their products and their customer support service. They also have a professional staff that will make sure you get the best product for your price value.

Phone Number
(204) 661-2725
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