Unique Curtain Tie Back Ideas: Easy & Creative Ideas For Curtain Tieback

Easy & Creative Ideas For Curtain Tieback

Curtain tieback is a great way to elevate the window, no matter what style it is. There are a number of creative ideas for curtain tiebacks and for holdbacks. Below the user can find the unique & creative curtain holdback and tieback ideas. These unique curtain tiebacks and holdbacks are sure to make any decor look beautiful:

Magnets Attract Style

This curtain tie back idea is one of the unique ways. The fun magnetic holdbacks are stylish & functional. While opening or closing the curtains often, these magnetic tiebacks are very easy to attach as well as to remove. It is perfect for the casual or for the funky decor, pair these tiebacks with fabrics like cotton in order to get the best effect.

Necklaces, Chains And Beads

The other unique option is using old necklaces or chained beads to create tiebacks. These tiebacks are very well suited to most types of curtains, ranging from the casual sheers to the heavy velvet draperies. If in case using the heavier fabrics, make sure the tiebacks are strong to hold them together.

Crowns And Cuddlers

The other option is to purchase the tiaras and the crowns at toy, party, or costume stores. For the kids who love their cuddly toys, simply try using a stuffed animal as a curtain tieback. The crochet patterns are also available online for the other animal styles as well. While decorating the children’s rooms, it is best to stick with a cafe or with the apron length curtains to avoid any kind of tripping. Hang the curtains securely with the help of a Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets, which can support up to 20 lbs as well as are perfect for the kid's rooms.


For a small kitchen nook, she-shed, or the study that needs a unique accent, converting any of the teacups into a clever curtain holdback look unique and attractive. This usually looks very well with the sheer floor-length curtains or with the shorter cafe curtains that are made from silk or polyester.

Vintage Views

If the user likes antiques, then using an old doorknob as a curtain tieback is a great option. The vintage doorknobs can be easily found online or in any of the antique shops. Try to pair this timeless curtain tie back idea with lace or with textured linen curtains.

Rustic Curtain Tiebacks

Adding the multiple tiebacks keeps the curtains open wide will help to add an eye-catching touch to the windows. This casual look can be used with a variety of curtain fabrics, ranging from cotton to corduroy and even more.

Seasonal Curtain Tiebacks

Adding themed tiebacks like for spring, summer, fall, or winter is a way to incorporate the seasonal or holiday style in the room. This type of tiebacks can improve the quality of almost any type of curtain. For the formal rooms, use the tiebacks that are made with the braided silk or from the velvet rope. For the more casual spaces, use the tiebacks that are made with jute twine or ribbon.
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