Types Of Particle Board: 4 Different Types

Different Types Of Particle Board

The different types of particleboards are mentioned below:
  1. Laminated Particle Board: This type of particleboard is formed when the thin layer of the laminate is attached with the plain surface of the particleboard. Attaching the laminate on the particleboard increases the durability and the beauty of the board. These boards are used for constructing modular kitchens, shelves, and wardrobes.
  2. Veneered Particle Board: These boards are produced when the plain top surface of the particleboard is covered with a layer of veneer. A veneer is a thin portion of wood acquired from the tree log. These boards are properly sealed which prevents the particleboard from warping. These boards are available at a low cost.
  3. Cement Bonded Particle Board: These type of particleboards are formed by using 20% of water, 60% of cement and 20% of wood waste like sawdust, wood chips, etc. The cement is used as a bonding agent that makes the particleboard resistant from rot, moisture, and also increases the durability of the particleboard. This type of particleboard is used in the false ceiling, fabrication of furniture which is fire resistant, and for shuttering concrete walls and floors.
  4. Melamine Particle Board: This board is manufactured by attaching the melamine-impregnated decor paper on the top plain surface of the particleboard by using pressure and heat. These boards are scratch proof and are highly durable. These boards are used in many fields like wall paneling, office furniture, modular kitchen, wall claddings, etc.
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