Types Of Furniture Styles: Most Popular & Commonly Used Furniture Styles

Most Popular & Commonly Used Furniture Styles

Thre are numerous types of amazing furniture styles available in the market or on online stores. Before going to purchase or use any furnishing item, it is necessary for the users that they know about various furniture styles and get the one that suits them best. Some of the furniture styles are mentioned below, go through all of them carefully:

Traditional Style

The traditional style of the furniture has a touch of the European flair with the classic decor. The traditional design of the furniture reflects the restrained beauty of style with simplicity. The important characteristics are the deep colors having the wood tones, as well as the decorative details, and usage of the ornamental elements. some of its features are mentioned below:
  • It is available in the form of the curved lines, classic, wing as well as the Queen Anne backs, claw and also the bun feet.
  • In the color options, there are rich shades of brown, deep wood finishes, espresso, cherry, merlot, black as well as the white.
  • Fabrics and the textiles are available in the upholstery of the rich and solid colors. The materials like velvet, leather, or silk are used. Besides this, the traditional style can also have affordable fabrics, for example, the chenille, linen, or cotton. Among these, the floral and foliar patterns are commonly used ones.
  • In the decorative details, it has the moldings, embellishments, paneling, and also the throw pillows are often used.

Modern Style

With the concept of simplicity, this style is usually defined by the clean, neutral color with a simple design and cold materials. This style actually was brought out from the decorative arts and it was started way back in the 20th century. Some of the features of modern types of furniture style are mentioned below:
  • In terms of the forms, they are mostly found in the crisp lines, clean silhouettes, and also have geometric shapes.
  • The wood, plastic, metal, steel, as well as glass, are the materials that are mostly used. Natural wood having a wood grain pattern is also available. The modern style is found in the different colors as well as glossy finishes, black gray and also the white palette.
  • In terms of the textiles and the fabrics leather, faux leather and the vinyl, microfiber is available.

Contemporary Furniture Style

The other form of furniture style is the contemporary furniture that has the style which is based on the current times. In this case, the contemporary is very similar to modern. It may also contain smooth shapes as well as the curved lines. It is available in the form of the simple crisp or the curved lines, and also the geometric shapes. The contemporary style has color options like the glossy finishes as well as the neutral colors in which there are black, chrome, white, gray, silver. The user can found this in the microfiber as well as in the suede, leather, vinyl, and also in the PU.

Transitional Style

The transitional is known as another widely used furniture style in the current home decor. This is due to the fact that it has a balance of both modern materials with classic elegance. This type of style can blend plush and also the noble furnishings with the glass and steel elements.

Mid-Century Modern Style

This is the kind of style that is known for the iconic furniture pieces that are available in modern design elements.
It is found in the forms of the sophisticated lines, handmade as well as the hand-painted elements. In terms of the colors, oak, pine, brown, walnut, natural wood finishes, and also in maple. The frequently used fabrics and the textiles are upholstery in solid colors like cotton materials Chenille, linen.
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