Types Of Closet Doors: Different & Ultimate Types Of Closet Doors

Different & Ultimate Types Of Closet Doors

There are a huge collection of the closet doors that the user can choose from, however, here the user will go through a list of some of the popularly used closet doors so that the users can make the right choice while purchasing closet doors:

1. Bi-Fold Closet Door

A bi-fold closet door is regarded as one of the most popular closet doors. These are the space-saving doors that can be decorated or painted to make it a personalized door for the closet. There are a number of ways to personalize the door. The user can install the wooden molding in the geometric shapes for creating a modern contemporary look. Another best idea is to use the wallpaper coverings with attractive prints to give them a different look. The best thing about this door is that they are space-saving and will not take up too much floor space. Besides all that, these double doors are affordable making it a good choice.

2. Louvered Door

This type of door looks like a shutter. These doors are designed in a way so that they will allow enough air as well as light to flow through the closet, which helps them keep the clothes fresh. It is advisable to choose a louvered closet door that is made of the wood if the user wants to add more warmth in the room. These doors are also very easy to maintain, all it needs is to just dust spray or use a duster to dust them off.

3. Mirror Doors

This type of the door can make the bedroom look more stylish as well as chic. Besides this, the mirror door has a double purpose, a closet door, and also can be used as a mirror. So instead of buying the full-length mirror, the user can consider installing a mirror door. These closet doors can also help to make the room appear brighter as well as bigger. It is advisable to go for the closet doors which include mirrors in the woodwork. They are practical as well as they are chic, while also adding the right amount of light in the bedroom area.

4. Modern Glass Doors

Modern closet doors that are made from the glass can work well for the rooms with a contemporary design. The frosted glass closet doors are a popular choice for the people who prefer to hide the storage spaces while at the same time creating a fresh look in the bedroom. However, the layered glass panels can work very well for this option and can also be framed with wood similar to the traditional doors. If the user is worried about the door to get easily damaged, that time go for an acrylic option, that has a similar look and is available in various styles.

5. Closet French Doors

To give a new look to the bedroom that will never go out of style, then simply consider installing the French closet doors. These doors are opened in the outward direction towards the room and also will leave a large enough space to look into the closet. Add molding on the closet door so that it can be framed even further. Make it look stylish as well as the chic simply by painting it with the help of glossy white color. This can also help to keep the French closet doors look clean, classic, as well as timeless.

6. White Closet Doors

The simple white doors are the most used type of closet doors. In order to take this look to the next level simply paint them with some pops of the color. Consider the door as the canvas. Take a paintbrush, and get creative with different patterns and art. For example, painting the white door with an oversized bloom is enough to enhance the look of the entire space. Experiment with unique patterns, or colorful stripes.

7. Single Panel Door

Although the double closet door types are great, a single panel door also works well. This type of door is similar to the standard door in the house and also looks like a regular bedroom door. However, this door can take up more space every time the user swings it open to access the closet. Use the door as a decorative option to make the room look nice. For example, hang a mirror on it to brighten up a small room and also will help to make it look bigger.
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