Types Of Chest Of Drawers: Different Types Of Chest Drawers

Different Types Of Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers, most commonly known as the bureau, is a kind of a cabinet having various types of drawers that are usually placed one above the other and are mostly placed in a parallel as well as horizontal way. There are several types of chest of drawers available, but some of the important ones are mentioned below:
  1. Standard Horizontal Dresser: The standard dresser drawers design came from the old wooden furniture invented. These are vertically oriented, squat(in profile) & also contains usually 2 columns of drawers.
  2. Standard Vertical Chest: Tallboy is the other name of the vertical chest, which is much taller as we compare it to the standard dresser design with a double stack of drawers constitute a column-shaped piece of the wooden furniture. Occasionally the upper half is replaced by a cupboard, and this will make it into an armoire.
  3. Combo Dresser: This combo dresser is usually a combination of two major elements. Mostly combo dresser models associate a standard squat dresser with the tall cabinets, and this allows for more storage options in a single piece of wooden furniture.
  4. Bachelor’s Chest: The categorically more minimalist framing of your dress from, the bachelor's chest features you the single column of drawers in a squat but sometimes the narrow frame. Basically the bachelor's chest had a flat slanted surface for writing but most of them are in horizontal surface nowadays.
  5. Gentlemen’s Chest This gentlemen chest has a configuration of drawer column which is pared with the large horizontally oriented cabinet door. This gentle men's chest holds a large cavity where you can hang your suits, pants, and other types of clothing may be stored easily.
  6. Lingerie Chest/Semainier: This lingerie chest is also famous as a semainier habitually holds the seven drawers, which is meant for each day of the week. The design of this chest is tall, long, with deep & narrow drawers.
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