Types Of Bathtubs: Different Types Of Bathtubs For Your Bathroom

Different Types Of Bathtubs For Your Bathroom

Choosing the right type of tub depends on the bathroom's configuration as well as the installation process. Below are some of the bathtub installation types that will help the user to figure out what will work best with space.

Standard Tub

The most common type of bathtub is the standard tub, this tub doesn’t provide any special kind of bells and whistles, but will do its job just fine. These types of tubs are usually available around the size of five feet long, 30” inch wide, and 14 to 16” inches high. This is convenient for anyone who is replacing an old standard tub and wants to replace it with a new one. The standard tub usually comes in a number of installation options, that include alcove, drop-in, as well as freestanding.

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are the kind of tubs that feature extra-deep dimensions which will completely submerge users in water for the extra bit of the relaxation. These kinds of tubs are deeper than the standard tubs so to get a fuller soaking experience. Besides all this, the soaking tubs are also very wider & longer as well so that the bather can fit into them comfortably & easily. However, they are much more expensive than standard tubs.

Air Tubs

Air tubs shoot the air out from a number of the different jets in a way so that it will spread the pressure out. The sensation is very less concentrated, which some of the people find it more relaxing as well as pleasurable. Air tubs are generally just a bit more expensive than the whirlpool tubs.

Traditional Claw Or Ball Feet

These are the freestanding types of tubs that have 4 feet shaped to resemble a claw or as balls. Some have smooth as well as the flat tops, while the others have the classic slipper look which has a higher curve on the right at the head end of the tub. These kinds of tubs generally cast as one single piece, which in turn makes them very comfortable for the lounging. The faucets can be easily fitted into the tub, an adjacent wall, or can be fitted separately from the tub. It is generally available in the shades of white, and now with the exterior colors of grey as well as black to complement bathroom designs.

Corner Tubs

The corner tubs are traditionally installed into bathrooms which are less spacious. These kinds of tubs can be streamlined as a standard alcove tub, or it can also come with an array of bells and whistles. There are a number of the combinations available, like whirlpool corner tubs or the soaking corner tubs. Some are designed in a way that looks like part of the shower as well as the bathtub corner duo. In terms of pricing, this totally depends on the manufacturer, but it has one nice feature that is the plumbing options are also varied so that it is very easy to fit these types into any corner space.

Contemporary Freestanding

The beauty of contemporary freestanding designs is their flexibility. These bathtubs look very sleek and can adjust to any kind of interior design. Because their faucets as well as plumbing usually come in an array of options, they can be installed to fit in a variety of design needs. Most of them come in white acrylic, but also comes in versions of the stainless steel, as well as in the high-end materials like black granite, chiseled stone or the marble.

Combination Tubs

Though the combinations can be easily designed within the tub, like the soaking and the whirlpool functions, besides this the combinations can extend to include the new options for different kinds of showerheads. The handheld shower systems are refreshing, many configurations of the generous rain shower heads, or the freestanding shower.
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