Turquoise Inlay Wood Furniture: 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps To Inlay Turquoise Into The Wood Furniture

Turquoise is used to fill the cracks and grooves in the wood furniture. The material required to inlay Turquoise in wood furniture includes ballpoint hammer, fine sandpaper, disposable cup, aluminum tape, turquoise scraps, 2 sheets of steel, epoxy glue, and a wooden craft stick. The steps are given below in order to inlay Turquoise in wood furniture:
  1. Prepare The Crack: The first step is to determine the cracked area. If the furniture is cracked from the back side or an edge of the furniture is cracked then cover the crack with aluminum tape from one side and fill the turquoise in the crack from other side and adhere it properly with the help of finger.
  2. Prepare The Turquoise: Next step is to make turquoise. Pick turquoise stone scraps and place them between the two steel sheets. Then place the sheets on the harder surface and take a hammer to pound on the sheet so that the stones smash properly.
  3. Prepare The Inlay Filler: For preparing the inlay filler, combine the epoxy glue and pulverized turquoise in a disposable cup and stir them both until a paste is formed.
  4. Apply Turquoise To The Crack: Now pour the filler into the crack from the cup and then fill the crack completely with turquoise.
  5. Finishing: Last step is to finish the wood surface by using quality sandpaper to make the surface of the wood furniture smooth.
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