Turpentine To Remove Paint From Wood: Steps To Remove Paint

Steps To Remove Paint From Wood Using Turpentine

The Turpentine is a commonly used product for the paint removal as well as for finish stripping. It is derived from the pine wood chips. The procedure to produce the turpentine is to heat the chips with the chemical. The turpentine is available in the market but it is not used as it was before. This is because turpentine has harmful fumes whose inhalation is very harmful and has a negative impact on health. However, its uses and steps to remove paint from wood are mentioned below:

Paint Removal

It is commonly used to remove paint from the wood as well as from other surfaces.
  1. Apply: Simply apply the turpentine to the area with the brush or cloth and wait for few minutes. It will soften the paint which then can easily be removed with the scraper.
  2. Impact: When used in this way the turpentine has a very negative impact on the wood because the paint serves as a barrier between the turpentine and paint.

Finish Stripping

Besides the above mentioned uses the turpentine is also used for the stripping process like to remove the varnished or shellacked finishes present on woods. But this use has a little negative impact on the surface on which it is applied, this is because the finish that is being removed does not allow the turpentine to come into direct contact with wood.
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