Tung Oil Vs Polyurethane Wood Floors: Comparison Between Tung Oil And Polyurethane Wood Floors

Comparison Between Tung Oil And Polyurethane Wood Floors

To protect the surface of the wood floors from the damage it is necessary to choose a right finish for the wood surface.

Tung Oil

When the tung oil is applied on the surface of the wood floor the oil gets absorbed into the surface. For maintaining the natural look of the surface the customer can apply the tung oil on the wood floors. This oil is not best suitable for high traffic rooms. This type of oil is purely waterproof. Tung oil dries within 48 hours of using it.


When polyurethane is applied on the wood floors it remains on the top of the wood surface and acts as a protective barrier for the wood surface. Polyurethane is applied on the floor surface by using a brush or roller. Polyurethane dries in 12 hours. Polyurethane hides the fibre pattern on the wood surface, so tung oil is mostly used by the customers rather than polyurethane.
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