Tricks To Replacing Chair Slings: Steps To Replace

Steps To Replace The Chair Slings

The users need to follow the below-mentioned steps to replace the slings in the chair:
  1. Lubricate The Rails: The first step is to apply the soapy water along the edges of the rail so that the side rail channels can drag sling easily.
  2. Insert The Sling Into The First Channel: Next step is to insert the one edge of the sling into the channel of the first rail. The stitched edges must lie under the chair.
  3. Sling Fully Inserted: Attach the sling with the another side of the rail properly.
  4. Do Not Trim The Splines: Then make sure not to cut the splines that are sticking out from the channels as these splines help while stretching the sling in rails. These splines are cut later.
  5. Mount The Sling Rails Into The Frame: Set the sling rails on the frame and slightly bolt the one side rail into its position. Then set the other side rail on the frame so that rails can be held in proper position with the help of screws.
  6. Stretch The Sling And Tighten The Bolts: Now the users need to use the tool like plier for stretching the sling on the chair and tighten the nuts. Keep the sling stretched so that it reaches the ends of the rails.
  7. Insert The Spreader Bars: This step is difficult in replacing the sling. The spreader bars are inserted with the help of a spreader tool.
  8. Trim The Splines: Now cut the extra spline from the rails and trim in such a way that the end caps fix fully on the side rails.
  9. Replace The End Caps: Last step is to place the end caps back to their position on the side rails.
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